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"Classical Forms",  are my latest creation of sculptures that are based primarily on the human form, that replicate ancient artifacts, unearthed from their natural habitats. They are reflections of the ancient classical Greek and Roman styles that narrate a sculptural beauty in a fragmented form. These fragmented forms denote time, revealing only traces of originally completed compositions, that have been unearthed, treated and stabilized in their existing condition, and formally presented in an antiquated state. This is a re-discovery of an ancient style of art, exemplified by the patina applied to each bronze, which is a crucial element in simulating a visual appearance from the Classical Period. These works initiate an interactive dialogue that open up new avenues pertaining to the significance and merit of the artwork, through execution, technique and choice of material. Each artwork projects a corrosive state of depletion, or a state of preservation, symbolizing a new renaissance, primarily focusing on the object or artifact. Sculpture, is forever evolving, and is subject to change as each new era is defined. This collection of works evokes a modernistic approach to Classical Sculpture, encompassing Archaeology, Conservation, ancient bronze casting techniques, and the replication of the patinas found on actual bronze artifacts recovered from areas of the Mediterranean, thousands of years ago. The textural surfaces also play a key and fundamental role as to how the light is reflected and absorbed on the surfaces, intensifying or reducing the 3 dimensional form in this corroded condition. Research on the ancient bronzes, began many years ago, and was collected from visits to The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and recently, The British Museum in London, England and The Louvre in Paris. Visits to each of these art institutions was to study the corrosive state of actual bronze artifacts and sculptures, which helped to aid in the research and development of patinas that are applied to each of the fragments to enhance their antiquated state.
This body of works reveals the beauty of bronze, employed as a sculptural medium, to replicate the past. It also touches on the environment and fragility of life and how these ancient cultures who created the artefacts and sculptures can be lost in time, through natural or man made disasters. Re-discovering the past, gives us greater respect and appreciation for whom and what surrounds us in the present.

For a private viewing or pricing of these works or any works on the website please call: 905-775-5581

***Accepting private commissions
Brett Davis, ARBS, SSC
Age of Bronze
Age of Bronze
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